We would like to draw your attention to the fact that we never ask you to transfer money in social networks or by phone. The exchange operation takes place only on our website WX.Money

1. Be careful when filling in the “Account number” field. If you make a mistake, you can irrevocably lose your money.

2. If you are offered to make a transfer of funds, your acquaintances, relatives, friends under the pretext of borrowing, etc., using the social. networks, skype or call from an unfamiliar phone number. Make sure that this is exactly the person you know, contact him, or rather offer to meet in person and discuss everything. If for any reason you cannot contact a person, then it is better to ignore the request so as not to become a victim of scammers.

3. We kindly ask you not to inform third parties about the validity of your bank card and CVV code. The Bank, only in rare cases, calls first, and never asks for the CVV-code of your bank card, passwords from your mail and Online Banking. Do not dictate to third parties “secret codes” received via SMS to your phone linked to your bank card.

4. Refuse to transfer funds through your accounts, the owners of which you do not know. Otherwise, you may become an accomplice of a scam that may lead to Criminal proceedings.

5. Also check with the operator in the online chat of our site about this or that information sent from our service to your mail. Perhaps we did not send you anything, but on our behalf a FRAUDER writes to you for the purpose of profit.

6. We never provide loans-credits, we do not issue exchanged funds in cash, we do not ask users for funds on loan or at interest, and we do not accept donations or gifts. Exchanges are carried out only on our website WX.Money.

7. The service does not prohibit exchanges to the accounts of third parties, but it strongly discourages such operations. Such transactions are not safe and are often used by fraudsters.

8. Do not tell anyone or transfer passwords and logins from your electronic wallets. This can lead to sad consequences and loss of money.

9. Change periodically passwords from your e-wallets. And store your secrets in hard-to-reach places, preferably not on your PC and in your phone’s notes.

10. Check for an SSL certificate on services or sites when using the Internet. Also check who issued it, it can simply be generated on the site owner’s server. Sites without an SSL certificate do not encrypt the data you receive or transmit. You can familiarize yourself with our SSL certificate and check its reliability on our main site by clicking the button with a green lock and the inscription “Verified and Protected”. There are also many resources on the Internet that crawl the site and show the site’s SSL protection score.

11. Repeat to secure. We do not make exchanges via Social Networks, Skype, phone, email and other instant messengers. The exchange is carried out only on our website WX.Money!

Remember! It is easy to recognize a fraudster: he will offer unprecedented happiness in an incredibly short time.

Best regards, your WX.Money team.

Offline operator
19.04.2024, 02:49